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Jason Brown with Aro Lucha, Inc.
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Konnan & Brown interview

“Working with Neil has been an absolute pleasant experience. We first met Neil during a production where he came to help out and crew. You were able to see his work ethic and his drive even then. Later we learned that he was a writer and through multiple conversations we decided to hire him to draft an episodic comedy for lucha libre. The amount of work, effort and research that Neil did in preparation for the project was astounding. He engulfed himself in the genre, the history, the storylines and the characters of that culture and the final product proves it! If you’re looking to work with Neil, just understand what you’re getting…a talented storyteller who will go above and beyond, a dedicated teammate, and a technical screenwriter that understands the elements to writing a great script.”

Jason Brown at Aro Lucha, Inc.

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