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David H Hanks
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Conversation with C. Neil Davenport about the “Eight Years” script (2021)

“My name is David H Hanks, author of The Disappearance and the Carson Griffin Nuclear Thriller Series. I have also published many scientific papers over my career as an International Nuclear Safeguards Analyst with the U.S. Government. Earlier in my career I was appointed to a United Nations Inspector post for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) by its Director General. Among the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the IAEA in 2005 for preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, I have enjoyed a long career in both nuclear engineering and safeguarding nuclear technology.

While looking for a script writer for The Disappearance, which is a story about the impact of losing my own mother in 1972, I convinced Neil to take on the arduous task. Having failed in my attempts to write the script by myself, I respect his professionalism and dedication to getting the story right—truly remarkable. During our many conversations I learned how important his intensity and drama skills were to translating my novel into an entertaining film. His work ethic, research, and solutions to consolidating plot contributors were essential to the even flow of essential events occurring during the story. I recommend Neil as a script writer and friend.”

David H Hanks

Author Producer

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