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Bryn Gets a Life
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Story Editor: C. Neil Davenport and Writer, Director & Producer, Cameron Logan present an 80’s comedy feature film about a self-absorbed slacker who has to track down a stolen autographed golden record before her boss returns to town.

Produced by Logan Social Films

Premiered at the Reedy Reels Film Festival (2021) — Won: Best Feature

Showcased at the Northeast Mountain Film Festival (2021)

Showcased at the Southern Film Festival (2021) — Won: Best Feature

Showcased at the Sands Film Festival (2021)

Showcased at the All The Laughs Comedy Awards (2021)

Showcased at the Proteus Film Festival (2021)

Showcased at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival (2021)

Showcased at the Charlotte Film Festival (2021)


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INSERT: 1968

A young BRYN, ten years of age, stands on the side of a dirt road. She wears a stuffed book bag and has her thumb out to hitch a ride.

A middle aged police officer, NASH, crosses the street and approaches Bryn. A pair of handcuffs dangle from his hip.

NASH: Young lady–Where do you think you’re going?

BRYN: Boston.

NASH: Is that right? Mind telling me what’s in Boston?

BRYN: My daddy. Mama said he’s lost so I’m going to find him.

NASH: Say–I know you. You’re Ellie Mae’s girl…uh… (snaps fingers) …something weird…“Brine.”

BRYN: (scoffs) It’s Bryn. B-R-Y-N.

Bryn stays silent with her thumb still out.

NASH: Well I don’t care what your name is. You’re far too young to be hitching a ride in my town. Now let’s get you home to your mama.

Nash tugs at Bryn’s arm.

Bryn leans forward and bites Nash’s arm, causing him to let out a loud yell. A DOORBELL rings.


Bryn’s mother, ELLIE, opens the front door.

Nash holds Bryn up by her book bag. His hair is disheveled and he has a cut on his face. Bryn sips on a juice box.

ELLIE: Hey Officer–Bryn?!

NASH: I caught this one trying to skip town.

Ellie takes Bryn from Nash.

ELLIE: My apologies. She must have snuck out while I was taking a nap.

Bryn runs into the house.

NASH: You better keep that girl on a tight leash. The last thing this town needs is another juvenile delinquent.

ELLIE: Of course, Officer. It won’t happen again.

NASH: It better not.

Nash walks away, clutching his back.

Ellie shuts the door.


Ellie enters the dining room. Bryn has her back turned.

ELLIE: You mind telling me what you were thinking?

Bryn stays silent.

ELLIE (CONT’D): Bryn–look at me when I’m talking to you.

Bryn faces Ellie.

ELLIE (CONT’D): Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again!

BRYN: I just wanted to find Daddy.

ELLIE: Honey…

BRYN: What if he’s out there, Mama, and he’s looking for us?

ELLIE: Trust me. He’s not.

BRYN: But what if he is?

ELLIE: He’s not!

Bryn turns her back to Ellie.

ELLIE (CONT’D): Look–I’m sorry if you’re not satisfied with the life you have, but I’m doing my best. Maybe one day you’ll learn to show a little gratitude.

Ellie exits the room. Bryn unzips her book bag. Pulls out a drawing of two parents and a little girl holding hands. She stares at it.

RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.): Good morning listeners! It’s another beautiful Friday morning in Jackson.


Bryn, now twenty-seven years of age, stares at the same drawing of her family.

RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.): Don’t change that dial because we have the latest song from Gypsy Starlight starting right now!

Synth-based music plays.

Bryn puts the drawing aside and pulls an envelope out of her drawer. It says ‘Escape Fund.’ She opens the envelope and pulls out a wad of cash.

ELLIE (O.S.): Bryn!

Bryn quickly hides the money in the envelope and stuffs it under the clothes in her drawer. Stands in front of the dresser. Bryn’s mother, Ellie, peeks her head in.

ELLIE (CONT’D): Oh good. You’re awake. Jump in the shower. Don’t make us late for work.

BRYN: When have I ever made us late for work?

ELLIE: There’s been a couple times.

BRYN: Like when?

ELLIE: What–it’s not like I can list off the specific dates to you.

BRYN: Aha! Because it never happened.

ELLIE: Just get ready.

Ellie exits. Bryn crumbles up the drawing and tosses it in the trash bin.

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