C.Neil Davenport | Writer, Producer, Actor and Photographer
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Neil Davenport

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Actor, Photographer/Cinematographer


Film to me is a spiritual embracement through a learned message of morality. It presents a rejuvenated understanding of why we should invest ourselves and strive for excellence in how we live. By implementing this idea of transformation, film inherently demonstrates an alteration of a stagnated life so we can then pursue our own happiness.

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Photo Gallery

Photography for me captures the overall emotion within a moment. Whether the moment catalyzes bliss, agony, or something new- it is all significant. Moments like these cause us to act, contemplate, and continuously present a profound side of ourselves.

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Writing makes things more sensible to me. In the element of screenwriting, I endeavor to find a balance between explanation and exploration. Striving for this balance, in the contrast to spoon-feeding, I fell it encourages the reader interpret the story and visualize it through their own experiences of life.

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Inspiration as an Actor

Acting is a continuous construct of making my characters as real as possible. Using the Strasberg’s method, it is the art of being completely authentic to life. The character, like you, is someone with dreams, insecurities, fears and desires. When I act I am in tune and broadening my understanding of why other people behave the way they do.