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Rich Peluso with AFFIRM Films / Sony Pictures Entertainment
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“My name is Rich Peluso and I’m the Senior Vice President of AFFIRM Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment. Out division of Sony Picture is responsible for the development, production, marketing and distribution of faith-based/family/inspirational feature film with over $420 Million on domestic box office revenue.

I met Neil several years ago while he was a high-school student. He reached out to me to learn more about what AFFIRM Films does and thoughts and recommendations on how to enter the profession of filmed entertainment. He and his family traveled a great distance to my office and we enjoyed some detailed discussions about the areas of study and focus in this industry.

In the years since, Neil and I have stayed in contact and he’s sent me multiple samples of his work. I’ve seen his sense of story, quality of production and overall aesthetics grow over time and I’m excited to see where it takes him. He’s been diligent in keeping in touch and receptivity to feedback and critique is exemplary.

I recommend Neil on any focused fine arts/media/film interested in not only promising candidates to grow and develop, but people of focus, quality and determination to achieve a goal.”

Rich Peluso at AFFIRM Films / Sony Pictures Entertainment

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