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Remember to Reminisce
Posted in My Journey as a Screenwriter 2 min read
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Remember to reminisce for the past has led you to be the person you are today.

August, 2021. I’ve been a bit reminiscent the week before starting grad school. I don’t normally do this, but as I’m about to embark on a two-year journey at UNCSA which is a chapter of my life, I find myself looking back on certain things… in particular, my friends.

The saying goes, “birds of a feather…” To me, this is seen through my Undergrad Demo Reel spanning the projects I worked on from 2012 to 2016. Though it doesn’t match my current level of craftsmanship, my demo has evolved from a tool of self-promotion to a memory vault. Yes, the quality of it makes me cringe for it was created during a time where I was searching for my voice, but if it weren’t for this creative exploration, I wouldn’t have met the people I had such a pleasure getting to know which coincides with who I am today.

If you watch my demo, you will see an amateur’s collection of footage demonstrating a kid who wishes to be a filmmaker. However, what I see now are glimpses of a wonderful timestamp of life. I can pause the video at any segment and tell you the story of what was going on, who I was, and how it molded me.

Take the score behind the demo as an example. It is song titled “Ladies, Leaves Your Numbers at the Door” by the late hardcore punk band Aithon. Looking back on it, this style of music doesn’t fit me, but there’s a reason why I chose this song. At them time, I was dear friends with the lead singer, Wyatt Graves and I was in the room when this song was born. It’s more nostalgia than anything – a place holder of an incredible time where we did everything and nothing together.

Wyatt, Will, and I were undergrads left to our own devices who loved music, drove in a topless jeep, played table tennis and complained about girls. Again, nothing was accomplished, but the friendship with these two guys was an award in of itself and though we have sorrowfully lost contact, I’m able to look back on this moment and reminisce on what-once-was.

So, when you’re about to embark on a new chapter of life, look back to remember on what made you into the person deserving of this forwarding step and reminisce for


Credit: Will Graves (left), Wyatt Graves (center) and C. Neil Davenport (right) – Photos by Daniel Davenport, 2015 and Elizabeth Graves, 2015

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