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My first feature is Logan Social Entertainment’s award-winning comedy, Bryn Gets a Life (2021). It was written, directed, and produced by Cameron Logan who hired me as the story editor during preproduction. The film is about a small town self-absorbed record shop manager who discovers her bosses’ beloved ‘Gypsy Starlight’ autographed record is stolen and tracks it down with her friends to keep her job. It’s a rite of passage, buddy fleece, warmly toned story based in the 1980s encompassing themes of friendship, responsibility, and hardship.

Since 2021, BGAL has been showcased by 10 film festivals all over the United States and won ‘Best Feature’ three times. The cast and crew consisted of 50 people and was shot on a shoestring budget within numerous areas of Georgia and South Carolina.

I’ve known Cameron for what seems to be a decade now and though he’s one of my closest friends, I find him to be an artistic inspiration. He didn’t go to film school or work within the industry prior. He simply had a flame within himself that couldn’t be extinguished. I met him in 2012 while studying film at Augusta University. When I went to class, he studied on his own time and like any born filmmaker, he did everything he could to learn how to produce a feature.

Prior to the success of BGAL, Cameron produced what many now call the “Bryn-verse” through a series of short films on YouTube. Doing this helped him with character development, narrative structure, and almost all the facets of how to be a film producer. Then in 2019, he called me to help him construct the narrative of his full-length comedy.

Like any respectable producer, Cameron had a bunch of good ideas but didn’t call me to hear praises. He knew I would look at his idea without bias and provide a suggestive direction on how to hone his concept. With the characters already designed, along with the tone, texture, and world, as the story editor, I helped piece together his vison, carve out a narrative template for him to place in his voice, and suggest major plot pointed actions with the characters to drive the theme of his idea home.

Looking back on the film, though I’m proud and elated in how it has resonated with others, what I think on is how the film has bonded my friendship with Cameron. In this industry, as unfortunate as it is, sometimes a project between friends can be dismembering. However, BGAL did the complete opposite with us. I remember telling him that I valued our friendship more than the idea and if the idea got in the way of that, I was out. Cameron understood and we went to work.

Due to it being provided by such a humble artist and friend, it’s an honor to have BGAL as my first produced feature film.

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