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Linda M. Wright
Telling heart-warming, multi-generational, redeeming, wholesome and positive stories
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To Whom It May Concern,

This is an act of recommendation and support for the services of producer and owner of Hearing God Productions LLC., LindaMWright. Her company is described online as “a faith-based, family-driven production company [which] tell[s] inspirational, heart-warming, multi-generational, redeeming, wholesome and positive stories.” If you ask me, this is a perfect description of who Linda is as both a professional and as an individual.  

I’ve known Linda for a handful of years now, but I came to meet this Christ-loving woman while living in Oklahoma as a struggling filmmaker right after college graduation. During this time, I was at a loss for how to start the pursuit of my career which I’ve come to understand is an unspoken issue most want-a-be storytellers come up against. Through networking and many cups of coffee, I eventually sat down with an agent who then referred me to Linda and this is where our working relationship began.

Her initial question to me was, “who do you want to be at the end of the decade?” This valid question was something I didn’t think to ask myself at the time. This is simply one of Linda’s characteristics. She’s interested in seeking prospected goals, future endeavors and personal investments which are all the attributes of a quality producer. After the end of our evaluated conversation, she began building what I would describe as a tailored occupational blueprint outlining a transformative agenda on how to convert your amateur film work into a professional standard portfolio.          

The occupational blueprint she provided was a simple tool of direction answering the question, “How do I begin?” It was well organized, simple to understand and most importantly not intimidating to follow. Along with a list of books, videos and articles to study, the tool also acted as a motivational compass in supplying a categorical list of small accomplishments one could strive for as a newbie in this cutthroat industry.    

I like to describe breaking into the industry is like squeezing blood out of stone. It’s almost impossible, but you must keep in mind there are such things in this world as unexplainable events called, ‘miracles.’ I can definitively say along with many others in my life, Linda, through her expertize and tailored tool provided me a superb advantage of opportunity in establishing my career. 

If you are either an amateur filmmaker looking to grow themselves into a respectable artist or an established professional seeking transitional guidance, I would earnestly recommend Linda M. Wright and her services as an occupational counselor.

If you would like to learn more about Linda, please visit these hyperlinks:

Wright’s IMDb: Click Here

Hearing God Productions LLC.: Click Here


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