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Guava & Cheese Pastries
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Mr. Erick Probeck: Indie Filmmaker - Miami, FL. Previous Connect the (invisible) Dots [Part 2] Next

Writer: C. Neil Davenport and Producer, Erick Probeck presents an offbeat rom-com short film about a wealthy, spoiled young man gets cut off and learns to the value of the small things from a penniless, free spirited young woman.

In Pre-Production with Mundial Studios LLC.


(IMDb) & First PDF 5 Pages

The light of a lamp post flickers on. ELLIOTT, (20s), takes off his TIE as he drunkenly paces and talks on his PHONE.

ELLIOTT: Dad? – Hold on. (Puts AIRPODS in his ears) I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me. What did I do, man? – Okay, so when you say, “I’m cut off?” What does that exactly mean exactly? – From all of the money?! (Check his WALLET and sees a $5 BILL) What? No, I’m not as think as you drunk I am. (Drops wallet) What do you mean the answer isn’t found at the bottom of a glass? – Oh, Thanks dad. (Stumbles around tying to pick up wallet, but kicks it a ways) That’s some solid specifically vague advice there! – (Stands straight up)
NO! Look I – Listen to me! (Digs in his BLAZER pocket and takes out a MINI BOTTLE of whiskey) My life is always half –

MISTY (O.S.): Elliott?

Elliott turns and sees at MISTY, (20s), a uniquely beautiful young woman wearing cut off OVERALLS, a CAT T-SHIRT, a FEDORA and THICK RIMMED GLASSES with a SMALL BACKPACK.

MISTY (O.S.): Are you Elliott? I’m supposed to meet him here. I rented his couch…

ELLIOTT: Dad, I’ll call you back – No, I’ll call you back. (Hangs up and looks at Misty’s outfit) Half your overalls are gone.

MISTY: (Looks down at her legs) I knew I left something at baggage claim. Oh, is this yours? (Hands him his wallet)

Elliott takes his wallet, slips it in his pocket, drops it again and picks it up.

MISTY (CONT’D): I think we should get you something to eat, yeah?

Elliott looks at her, twists the cap off the bottle, downs it and throws the small plastic bottle on the ground.

ELLIOTT: Lets do it!

Misty keeps Elliott from walking in the street.

ELLIOTT: He’s such a dick, you know? So, what if I spend a little bit of money here and there. It’s my allowance to spend! (Looks closely at phone) So, this couch app isn’t for sex? I thought the question, “What’s your couch made out of?” was an odd thing to ask.

Elliott steps into the street and a CAR dodges him while blowing it’s horn.
Misty pulls Elliott back onto the sidewalk. He doesn’t have a clue he almost died.

ELLIOTT: But hey, if you’re into leather, who am I to judge!

MISTY: Okay, lets come back down to earth. (Pulls out his Airpods and takes his phone) Think of it like crashing in a hotel room for the night, but for a couch. I’m on a layover and on a budget so I instead of spending a lot of money, your couch was the next best thing.

ELLIOTT: (He stops walking) That sounds absolutely stupid. I mean, look, I know I’m drunk, but downloading an app which allows you to rent a stranger’s couch for the night seems like a good way to get murdered.

MISTY: That’s the fun in it though.

ELLIOTT: Am I going to die tonight?

Misty shrugs and sees PARKING METERS. She runs to one of them and digs in her backpack.

MISTY: Do you have any quarters?

ELLIOTT: I don’t carry coins.

MISTY: Never mind.

Misty pulls out a collection of QUARTERS and skips down the sidewalk as she feeds a coin into each parking meter along the block.

ELLIOTT: You said you’re on a budget!

Elliott and Misty snack on GUAVA AND CHEESE PASTRIES.

MISTY: (Eats a pastry) Holy shit these are good!

ELLIOTT: You know you’re a hypocrite, right?

MISTY: For a person who says he doesn’t judge, sure does point fingers a lot.

ELLIOTT: Why’d you waste your money back there? You don’t know any of them.

MISTY: The same reason I rent people’s couches. It’s to make memories. See, when you cause the benefit of others –

ELLIOTT: When you give strangers money…

MISTY: What’s given back to you is a memory.

ELLIOTT: (Looks at her) Hold that thought, I’m starting to sober up.

Elliott pats his BLAZER, pulls out a MINI BOTTLE from his pocket and downs it.

ELLIOTT: Okay, a memory. Go.

MISTY: Memories make us who we are, causes us to do what we do and inspires
our wildest passions. When you think about it, nobody knows the value of money. It goes up and down, left and right, swirls into the abyss, but a memories are priceless.

ELLIOTT: Hence the ‘less’ on the end of that word.

MISTY: You’re not making the right memories then. Pick a number between one and I don’t know, twenty-five.


MISTY: Humor me.


MISTY: Okay. On your ninth birthday, what were you given as a gift?

ELLIOTT: (Shrugs) Whatever normal thing you give a nine year old. No idea.

MISTY: Dad used to say that normal was just a setting on a washing machine. Though, I’m sure you appreciated whatever it was, you don’t remember the gift because it wasn’t anything special. Someone bought it, wrapped it, you played with it and now it’s probably in the trash. (Takes a moment) We didn’t have much growing up, but for each birthday, my dad would find some way to make the most insignificant thing, special. We lived in an apartment complex at one point and for my eleventh birthday, he hid the cake on the rooftop. He set up this whole tea table with chairs and cups. It was beautiful, but I had to follow a red string that went around the entire apartment to find it. Eventually, when I did, we saw that it had raining the whole time. I will never forget that birthday.

ELLIOTT: My dad always wore a business suit to my birthday parties. (Eats a pastry) You sound like one of those cliché people who say money can’t buy happiness when it clearly took money to make that memory.

MISTY: You’re not wrong, but if it takes money to be happy, consider me a manic depressant one step from falling off the ledge. (Takes a bite of guava)

Beat of silence between the two.

ELLIOTT: Where are you from anyway?

MISTY: Take off one of your shoes.

Misty takes off one of her SHOES and ties it to her backpack.


MISTY: Take off one of your shoes.

Elliott takes off one of his DRESS SHOES.


MISTY: Now stand up.

Elliott stands, Misty jumps up, grabs his hand and runs out.
Elliott’s SHOE is left behind.

The two run hand in hand with Misty leading Elliott.

ELLIOTT: That was $200 dollars I left back there! Ow!

MISTY: You’re shoes cost $200?

ELLIOTT: Aw! One of them!

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