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Drew's Shoes
Posted in My Journey as a Screenwriter 3 min read
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I find myself sharing my story of who I am, why I’m a writer, and what I hope to accomplish with more people than I ever have now that I’m in grad school. It’s basically a logline of my most current moment… my ’10 second elevator pitch to Martin Scorsese‘… if I were so lucky.

Due to the commercialization of movie trailers and how they showcase the middle of the story… the ‘Promise of the Previse’ beat as stated in, Save the Cat, the ‘Friends, Enemy, Test’ sequence listed in The Hero’s Journey… the basic selling point of the film, people have seemingly become only interested in the middle of the story which offers the most entertainment.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that because you have to sell your story with intrigue and pray to the film gods that the producer invites you to tell him/her more. So that’s what I do. I sell my story and like any good pitch, you to be entertaining.

So, I start with a pair of shoes. Imagine a clean pair of grey, ankle top, suede oxfords owned by a friend named, Drew.

In 2017, a week after I obtained my BA, I said goodbye to Drew and was gifted a pair of oxfords. I then got out of dodge, hit the film industry, and little did I know these shoes were going to mean more to me than just another pair within my closet.

I can’t recall the reason why I started doing this particular thing I’m about to share, but what began as an artist’s quirky way of self-expression became a methodology of life. The particular thing which I did was wrote down everything of significance within my life on Drew’s shoes. For example, when I visited a state, its initials were inked onto the heel, every time I got a gig as an actor or writer, I tattooed the job on the toe cap, and each client I took to lunch, their name was inscribed on the side vamp. Again, I honestly couldn’t tell you why I started doing this, but it soon became a journal.

I’ve always been an individual who writes things down… it’s like I’m a writer or something, but this silly practice of listing all my milestones within my journey of becoming a professional filmmaker became a life changing habit.

Marking theses shoes with significant events is seemingly insignificant, but in a tangible sense, this tactic for me has become a reminder of moving forward. I have one shoe entirely covered. It took five years to do so. There’s no telling how long it will take to brand its twin, but if journaling on Drew’s shoes has led me to this point in life… I can’t wait to see where I’ll be when the other one is covered up with ink.

In a surreal perspective, I’m wearing my resume on my feet while (no pun intended) taking one more step towards success. Yes, that’s a bit on the nose, but I’ve found doing this has caused me to become more active in the world. It has helped me take riskier opportunities, and improve my outlook of the unknown. Again, this practice is an odd thing to do, but it’s my method of keeping goals on track.


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