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Guava & Cheese Pastries

A wealthy, spoiled young man gets cut off and learns to the value of the small things from a penniless, free spirited young woman. Short (Romantic, Comedy, Rites of Passage) Produced by Erick Probeck Written by C. Neil Davenport The Short. Sweet. Film Fest. (2022) – Finalist for Best Comedy

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Remember I Said that Most of All

University students struggle to balance their life on and off the stage. Short Documentary (Drama) Produced by Augusta University’s Production Crew of Comm. Senior Capstone Class of 2016 Supervising Producer Prof. Matthew Buzzell Story by & Produced by C. Neil Davenport AU Communication Department teams up for the production of Smokefall by Sequoia Sinclair with […]

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The Spotless Ladybug

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, a middle school girl finds herself in a peril search for her missing mother. Short (Suspense) Produced by Erick Probeck Written by C. Neil Davenport

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A hopeless romantic teen who spends all night seeking the perfect way to break-up with her boyfriend. Short (Romantic Comedy) Produced by Van Emberger Story by C. Neil Davenport The Fulton Film Festival (2021) – Best: Film, Advanced Comedy, Screenplay, Editing & Actress The All American High School Film Festival (2021)

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Reset Fred

Two deadbeats commit grand theft auto and strive to rid themselves of the vehicle after discovering why the keys were left inside. Short (Crime, Comedy) Produced by Cameron Logan & Drew Thomas Story Editor & Production Manager: C. Neil Davenport

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