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Bruce & Bobby
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Writer, Producer & Director: C. Neil Davenport presents a melodrama short film about a conservative young man who confronts his rambunctious alter-ego in his subconscious after a heartbreak.

Produced by CND Productions

Screened Online (2014)


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We hear the song “Your Electricity, Darling” by Cameron Logan as we open up on a montage of a young tired man named BOBBY standing inside of a diner devastated with a dress shirt and tie, a couple; BRUCE, a man with sharp features and black hair and SUMMER, a lovely young woman in each other’s arms laying on a couch reading a book. The man in the diner slowly sinks to the floor as the couple get closer together on the couch. Out of focus light flutters fill the frame.




SUMMER wears a dress spins a rainbow colored umbrella on her shoulder as she walks along the dock admiring the ducks.


Bobby looks at himself in the mirror and jumps back. BRUCE stares back at him in the mirror.


Summer lays, drowning in the covers and looks straight at you longingly.

BRUCE (V.O.): ‘Speak the speech I pray you as I’ve pronounced it trippingly on the tongue.’



A dark small room which seems to continue in every direction. Bobby, dressed in a his black suit, lies on the black floor, wakes up violently. Bruce, dressed in the same suit, comes in hovering over Bobby, nose to nose. He grabs Bobby’s tie and pulls him up.

BRUCE: ‘But if you mouth it as many as your players do, I will have such a fellow whipped for over doing it. Oh, it wears me to the soul to hear a fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings who are capable of nothing more than inexplicable dumb shows and noise. Pray you avoid it.’

Bruce leans in close chocking Bobby.

BRUCE (CONT’D): You’re killing me, Bruce and frankly, it’s starting to piss me off.

Bruce lets go of Bobby’s tie and Bobby falls into an abyss.

Bobby lands hard on a booth with his face laying on the table.

BRUCE (V.O.) (CONT’D): You know, it’s really rude to ignore someone, especially when they are trying to tell you something important.

Bobby sits up and looks at the table still in the same black room then at Bruce sitting across.

BRUCE (CONT’D): Don’t give me that. You know why you are here, but do you know why I’m here? I’m here to show you thinks for what they really are.


Summer is smiling and twirling the umbrella.

BRUCE (V.O.): Especially when they are masquerading as something else.


Bruce looks at Bobby’s lapel pin.

BRUCE: I like your pin – or button, whatever you want to call it. I personally prefer pin. It’s short and easy. Which do you prefer?

Bobby leans in.

BOBBY: Button.

Bruce laughs at this moment.

BRUCE: See, I knew it! I know you and you misunderstand everything, my friend. What does it mean to you or rather, why do you make everything so hard on yourself?

BOBBY: Well, if it’s to easy why say it at all. What does it mean to you?

Summer enters the scene from the dark, sits on Bruce’s side and straddles him.

BOBBY (CONT’D): Summer!

BRUCE: Who says it has to mean something? Why can’t it just be whatever it is?

Bobby is taken back by this.

BOBBY: How did -?

BRUCE: Do we feel more comfortable when things are labelled as to discover ourselves through them or have we gotten use the thought of us thinking we know who we are and keep things the same?

Summer looks at Bruce.

Bruce does not notice Summer.

Summer lifts her leg, looks at Bobby and leaves.

Bobby jolts from the booth and follows her.

Summer disappears.

BOBBY: Where did she go!?



BRUCE: She was never here.

BOBBY: What? No! She was right there!

BRUCE: Did she say anything to you or me?

BOBBY: No, but –

BRUCE: Bruce. Don’t you think, if someone wanted your attention they would at least say something?

Bobby walks back to the table.

BOBBY: She never really spoke to me.

Bobby takes off his sports coat, puts it on the table and lays down on the booth.

BOBBY (CONT’D): Why is she the way she is? She’s done nothing. A normal person would respond in someway, but –

BRUCE: And you expect her to be different than who she is?

Bobby raises up.

BRUCE (CONT’D): In her mind she doesn’t need to do anything because she believes there’s nothing needed to be done.

BOBBY: I remember this one conversation we had though. About how relationships should be built. She said, “I like to keep my relationships as simple as possible.” What does that even mean – simple? I guess I’m just stupid.

Bobby turns to look at Bruce. He is not there.

Suddenly, silverware rains upon the table and Bruce steps over the back of Bobby’s booth. He sits.

BRUCE: Yes. You are stupid. Everyone has waisted their time on someone and you’ll do it again and again.

Bobby stares at the mess of silverware.

BRUCE (CONT’D): You took a leap of faith with her. You didn’t see reality for what it was.

Bruce picks up a fork and a knife and wraps them together in an imaginary napkin.

BRUCE (CONT’D): You didn’t see her for who she is.

BOBBY: A leap. More like a squirrel missing a branch.

Bruce thinks this over.

BRUCE: Okay, a squirrel, but love is like that. Sometimes you jump and get to the other side and sometimes you fall flat on your face. Hey, give me a hand with these.

Bobby looks at the silverware and then at Bruce.

BRUCE (CONT’D): You know, fork, then knife, put it on the napkin, roll it up –

BOBBY: Napkin?

BRUCE: You don’t see the napkin?


Bruce hits Bobby upside the head.

BRUCE: What do you mean you don’t see the napkins? Huh, they are right in front of you, Bruce!

Bruce keeps hitting Bobby. Bobby goes under the table and comes out the other side to where he sees a plethora of napkins on the table.

BRUCE (CONT’D): See, Bruce. This is why you’re here.


Bruce and Summer make-out in the backseat.

BRUCE (V.O.): You enjoyed her because you had someone to care for and she enjoyed you because she simply could.


BRUCE: You want her to kiss you because when she does nothing else matters. But Summer doesn’t think like that and I’m not going to waist my time trying to figure her out.

Bobby toys with the knife.

BRUCE (CONT’D): You can’t expect her to give you love if she doesn’t desire love. You two were simply friends.

BOBBY: Simply friends?


Bruce and Summer walk to the car.

Summer’s arms are crossed and take every initiative of avoiding Bruce.

BRUCE (V.O.): It would behoove you to start listening to what isn’t being said.

Bruce and Summer cascaded in blue have a long animated breakup conversation in the car.


BOBBY: Everyone is looking for that though. Love.

BRUCE: Sure, but not her.

Bobby gets up from the table.

BOBBY: I’m done with this.

BRUCE: You fell in love with the idea of falling in love instead of with her. You brought yourself here, Bruce.

BOBBY: People should put an end to this.

Bobby leans on the end of the table.

BRUCE: Like love, when someone gives you a gift, they are glorifying the existence of you. Where did she leave yours? In the dust.

Bobby ponders this of a second and then hurtles the table in the air send the silverware everywhere. Bobby jumps at Bruce and grabs his neck.


Bruce effortlessly picks Bobby up and slams him on the floor. Bruce takes the fork out form Bobby’s pocket and puts it on his forehead.

BRUCE: Bruce, I’m tired. I’m tired of this place you’ve trapped me in and it’s time for you to be me again.

BOBBY: What are you talking about?

BRUCE: YOU STILL WANT HER BACK! You rather be who ever you are right now than be yourself and move on.

Bobby looks at Bruce’s vein sticking out on his face.

BRUCE (CONT’D): Remember that one time.


Bobby lies there on the floor shaking. Bobby looks at the mirror and sees Bruce looking down at him. Bruce is now laying on the floor shaking instead of Bobby.


BOBBY: It was you.

Bruce raises the fork from Bobby’s head.

BOBBY (CONT’D): Of god. She left you.

BRUCE: Time for us to wake up.

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